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I try to make new miniatures as often as I can. If there is anything you think would be good for me to make I would love to know, I'm always open to new ideas. You can phone or e-mail to reserve your favourite items.




I have started to make a few little kits.

So far I have:

Nest Boxes,

Bat Boxes,

Butterfly Boxes


Tool Boxes, with more on the way.





Butterfly box with little butterfly mouldings



Bat Box Kits




Hand Sculpted, One of a Kind Miniatures.

Bird Feeders



I will soon be making more different butterflies.


Budgie in a Cage


Green and Yellow Budgie in a cage with feeding bowls, bell, ladder and cuttlefish. The cage was made by Truly Scrumptious. 


From another angle


Spider in a Jar


A house spider that has been caught in a jar, this is how I catch real spiders or better still how I get Steve to catch them for me!

Nest Boxes

Nest Boxes with Blue Tits,

some peeping and

some perching.  


Nest Boxes with Blue Tits.

The roof lifts off so you can see the little nest inside.




Blue and green Budgies with real feather tails.   

Gold Crest


Britain's smallest bird 

Long-tailed tit



Common Woodpecker



Coming Soon

Bird Tables

Bird Feeders, New Butterflies

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